Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Back to the future

Well, we are finally off of the tedious back and forth between Alley Oop and Oscar Boom about the latter's criminal past, which ended abruptly when Oop suddenly noticed that he is (gasp) imprisoned in a torture chamber!! Yes, now we are shown that Oop and Boom are surrounded by torture devices that would make Saddam Hussein blush. But the denizens of this castle are supposed to be the good guys here aren't they? I mean, Dinny the Dinosaur did scare away the bad English Army that was about to invade. Oh, but I'm sure they only torture really bad people down in the dungeon and they wouldn't imprison anyone who wasn't guilty - except for Alley Oop of course.
So now we have flashed back to the current day time lab which has just been upgraded with equipment from the distant future!. Dr. Wonmug, who could no longer figure out how to fix his old time machine, is now standing around like an eager child waiting for Dave Wowee from the future to install everything and tell them whether or not it works. When asked to check out the new equipment, Dave Wowee stands in front of the machine scribbling something onto a yellow note pad for no clear reason when suddenly it springs to life showing a picture of Dinny on multiple TV screens. This machine is such an improvement, it does just what the folks want witihout their having to do any thinking for themselves, in other words, just what they needed.