Friday, April 08, 2005

Attack of the jack-booted thugs

Alley Oop 4-8-05
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This latest storyline by the Alley Oop writers is really pushing me to the limit. It is essentially a right-wing rant attacking the very foundations of our government and civilized society. It starts off with the ridiculous notion that Moo is some kind of utopian society where King Guz has been able to provide food, shelter and security for his people without any type of collective support system and where even the most primitive idea of "taxation" is completely foreign. How did Guz acquire all of his wealth in the first place that he must use to pay for the army that guards Moo's borders and for the stockpiles of food and the aid for the elderly and the infirmed (all of which he acknowledges to J'on Fish is provided by his kingdom)?
Now we have the evil J'on Fish (who Michael Fraley notes looks a lot like the Harry Mudd character from Star Trek) in charge of a despicable band of thugs who are terrorizing the citizens of Moo - taking the food off their tables and even swiping dolls from little girls - and playing out every right-wing fantasy about the horrors of the IRS.
Now we are just waiting for the inevitable anti-tax revolt that will be lead by Alley Oop to get under way. Jeez! Just get it over with, already.