Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Zombie juice

Fill’s ribs must be some kind of narcotic. That would explain this weird cult-like facination everyone seems to have with them. Everytime one of the characters eats one of the ribs they suddenly get this glazed look in their eyes and then become totally compliant with whatever Fill wants to do. It reminds me of that zombie juice that the bad guys forced Indiana Jones to drink in The Temple of Doom movie. Somebody needs to jab a hot poker into Oop’s ribs and see if that will wake him up.

Have we ever seen Fill eat one of his own ribs? I don’t think so. I’m beginning to think that Fill is actually in league with King Tunk and is just prepping everyone in Moo before he launches his next invasion. Once he has turned everyone into a rib zombie, Tunk will be able to waltz right in and take over the country. Fortunately we still have one slim hope. Maybe Queen Umpa will resist the zombies and fight them off with a burning log as they try to force her to eat one of the narco-ribs. As she burns each one in turn they will suddenly snap out of their stupor and Fill’s nefarious plot will be foiled.

Well, at least that would be more interesting that the lame story line we are currently being forced to follow....