Monday, July 17, 2006


This is just awful. I can’t believe the Benders came up with a story line like this in light of what has been happening around the globe with terrorist bombs going off all around the world. What was their particular motivation for today’s strip? The Atlanta Olympic bombing of 1996? The Madrid train bombing of 2004? The London subway bombing of 2005? I suppose the India train bombing that happend just last week was too recent, but when that is what you read in the national news everyday and then you turn to the funny pages and you see terrified people fleeing a cauldron with what appears to be a mini-nuclear explosion underway, what else is it supposed to make you think of? And then to have a once beloved character like the Wizer standing there with this devilish grin on his face amongst all the carnage - as if he had been transformed into some type of Osama bin Wizer abomination. It is just unforgivably bad and inappropriate.
Then the next day we have Alley Oop, who was too stooopid and weak and pathetic to do anything to stop the Wizer’s terrorist plot beforehand, slowing getting up and surprised to still be alive giving a sheepish grin to the Wizer as he smugly says Did you think I was going to kill people?
Well, yes, that is clearly what had been implied all along.
Then we have the great irony of having Wizer scold Fill for “overreacting” after the explosion. Wizer is the one who decided to go nuclear with this terrorist scheme because he felt disrespected when King Guz picked someone else to be the official propagandist (historian). And he’s telling Fill to stop overreacting?? That’s rich.
Now we finally have things winding down (one can hope) and, as commenter Jim was the first to guess, it all ends with a lame joke about the invention of barbecue sauce (and yet one more plug for how wonderful Fill’s barbecue ribs are - Zombie juice, remember).