Thursday, June 08, 2006


We’ve spent nearly a month now on this long drawn-out commercial touting Bob’s Pig Shop as having the bestest barbecue on the whole planet. There is no telling how much longer the authors are going to drag this out. But now they have taken a turn for the worse by introducing a character who clearly defames the memory of one of our greatest comedians of all time.
I agree with commenter Jeff that the Bender’s portrayal of the “Health Inspector” Golly (or is it Gollie) is a shameful slap in the face to the memory of Oliver Hardy. One can only hope that they will mercifully not drag Stan Laurel into this mess.
Oliver Hardy was an outstanding comic actor, but there is nothing funny about the character of Gollie in the current strip. Gollie, as portrayed so far, is a disgusting slob and a corrupt public official who is easily manipulated and even more easily bribed.
And not only do the Benders have a hard time keeping his name straight - Golly or Gollie - they can’t seem to figure out how to proportion his head in relation with his body. One time we see Gollie and his head is blown up like a balloon (Check out the last frame of the strip from 6/7/06). Then the next time it looks like he just came back from a trip to see a witch doctor.

I also have to agree with commenters Ron and Monroe in noting that Alley Oop’s out-of-control temper and bullying behavior is getting more and more reprehensible as the story progresses. As Ron notes in a comment on today’s strip, “... you have classic bullying here. The strong guy going after the sad looking fat kid...”
I wish that this storyline would end tomorrow, but unfortunately we still have to deal with a number of loose ends including the vengeful and deranged Wizer, the envious and scheming Umpa and the foolish and bull-headed King Guz.
Suffice to say that I no longer think Oop and Ooola will be announcing their nupitals anytime soon.