Thursday, January 06, 2005

A summons

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Interesting choice of words here by Doc Wonmug.

"I'm nearly free. Then I can summon Oop and Oola back."

Summon? To order to come or appear with authority or great urgency (Websters New World Dictionary). It makes it sound more like he is practicing the mystical arts rather than doing actual science.
Will they have a choice in the matter? Or don't they get zapped regardless?

Then there is the issue of parrallel time again. The narrator asks "But will Doc be too late?" (Answer: Yes).
Too late for what? He is tied up in 2005. Oop and Oola are in 1482 France. Why are we assuming that all these events are happening concurrently? Why can't Doc just "summon" them back from whatever time period he chooses? Grab them from the moment they left so it would be like they never went on this misadventure in the first place.