Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tunk loses his crown

Thank goodness we are finally moving on with a new story line. Even one that sounds like it was cribbed from a nursery rhyme - Tunk fell down and lost his crown...

Why do the Lemmians put up with Tunk anyway? Normally, for an autocrat like Tunk to maintain control over a large group of people he must have a loyal Praetorian Guard surrounding him ready to enforce his dictates. But here we have Tunk sitting alone on his throne threatening to cast everyone in his kingdom into the pit. That’s the kind of thing that would spark a mutiny anywhere else.

Tunk has always served as the stock villian for Alley Oop. Kind of like Bluto is for Popeye. So it’s no surprise to see him served up for this new story line. The Benders seem to like throwing contemporary political issues into the strip on occasion and Tunk is their ideal foil for that kind of thing. It’s not clear yet where they are going with this “you’re guilty until proven innocent” thing yet, but Tunk is obviously being set up to take a fall at some point.

Perhaps King Guz will decide that it is time for regime change in Lem and launch a pre-emptive invasion.