Monday, November 27, 2006

Open fire?!?

Such appalling story telling here. Are we to believe that the lead conquistador is such a horrific villian that he would order his men to open fire on an unarmed couple all because the woman said “Leave my husband alone!”? I don’t think Darth Vader is even that bad. Nor is he that stupid.
Think about this. The conquistadors are stuck in a foreign country where they are heavily outnumbered and surrounded by people they know little about. While they have guns (even if they had not been rigged by Oop and Wizer), they are still just single-shot flintlock muskets that have a nasty habit of jamming and misfiring. If the conquistadors really did gun down the king and queen in cold blood, how long would it be before they would be overwhelmed by angry hordes of Moovians? Probably long before they would have time to reload their muskets for a second shot.
Remember that General Custer’s men had rifles too, and much better ones than the conquistadors have, but that made little difference at Little Big Horn.