Thursday, March 23, 2006

Of course you know this means war

OK, so Tunk is leading his Lemmian army into Moo on the false premise that King Guz stole his crown. We can see today (3-23-06) that the Lemmian army - all three of them - have these evil grins on their faces which is supposed to clue us in to the fact that they are the “bad guys.” So what was the deal with all that earlier hemming and hawing from the troops who seemed to be questioning Tunk’s sanity? I thought we might see the beginnings of a mutiny, but instead it now looks like everyone is fully on board with this little misadventure. But I guess that is the way most wars go. People get caught up in the patriotic fervor of the moment and don’t usually reflect until it is too late.
Well, it doesn’t look like the Moovians have too much to worry about with this rag-tag bunch. I doubt that Guz will even have to roust his own troops. I think the girls who are finishing up their tango lessons with Oop could kick these boys’ rearends without much trouble. So I guess now we can just sit back and watch all the (yawn) action unfold.