Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Surprise Party

I’ll bet nobody saw this coming! A gathering of all the characters from the recent storylines to wish Alley Oop a happy 75th birthday. I can see Fill, the barbecue guy; the bongo-playing physicist Richard Feynman; dance instructor Rudolph Valentino; Will Rogers; Dave Wowee; and the usual cast of characters including a few surprises like King Tunk and Oscar Boom. Awful nice of them to let Boom out of that bottle to celebrate Oop’s birthday.
I can’t make out everyone in the strip today. It is kind of small on the computer screen and blowing it up just makes everything fuzzy. Plus, I’m just not up on all my Oop history. So I’m requesting some of my readers to help me out and pick out who some of these other folks are.