Friday, October 02, 2009

Hitting rock bottom

Alley Oop
Can the Benders make Alley Oop sink any lower in character?
Oop has just poisoned an innocent and unsuspecting Wooley (and inadvertenly poisoned his would-be fiance) in a fit of jealous rage. And now, the same Wiz who instructed him on how to mix up his little potion is advising him to duck out and shun responsibility - like a kid who just hit his baseball through a neighbor's window and then runs for cover.
What a FINE example Alley is setting for all his young fans!
Perhaps now Doc will save the day by zapping Alley Oop back to the future for the start of a new "adventure". Maybe he can then send Oop back into his own recent past where he could slap some sense into himself before he ever concocts his poisonous plant scheme.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

More mis-perspectives

Alley Oop

This is sooooooo awful!!! I can't believe that the Benders are such idiots! They just CAN'T be this stooopid! It has to be that they are simply thumbing their noses at the readers in pure disdain.
In the strip above, we have Ooola hiding behind a rock that magically materialized behind the poor, unsuspecting musician who we assume is about to suffer the wrath of the insanely jealous Alley Oop.
The first frame gives us the perspective from behind Ooola as she peers around the RIGHT side of the rock and watches the musician direct the singers with his RIGHT hand. Then in the very next frame, we get the same scene from Alley Oop's perspective, but now Ooola is peering out from the LEFT side of the rock (from her perspective) and the musician is now directing the singers with his LEFT hand.
There is no consistency whatsoever. Simple details are carelessly overlooked or ignored. It is enough to drive anyone mad. Perhaps that is what has already happened to the Benders.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Jumping to conclusions...again

Alley Oop
I think we have all seen this story line before from the Benders. Alley Oop comes home from another long bout of time travel to discover his long-neglected flame Ooola (Gasp!) TALKING to another man!!!
So naturally our overly jealous and presumptive hero Alley Oop throws a big hissy fit and then walks away in a huff. No effort to fight for and reclaim the love of his life, just complete indifference and self pity.
Remind me again why we are supposed to be rooting for such a despicable character as the Bender's version of Alley Oop? If their point is to disgust old fans and drive them away from the comic strip, then they are certainly succeeding.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Consistently inconsistent


I have to hand it to the Benders. They are stubbornly consistent in their inconsistency. Throughout the entire kidnappying ordeal of Dr. Bronson, they couldn’t make up their mind how they wanted him to be tied up. Sometimes we would seem him sitting with the ropes going just around his chest and his arms tied behind the chair. Other times we would see the rope going all the way around both arms, pinning them to his side in a way that his hands could not be tied behind his back.
Now here in the last strip of the series we see both examples once again back to back. In the first frame, the rope is around Bronson’s chest, but not around his arms or the chair. How this binds him to the chair or restricts his movement in anyway is unclear. In the second frame, the ropes are clearly around his arms again.
I just don’t see how they can miss this. Are they doing it on purpose? Don’t they have any respect for their readers, much less for their own work?
It is just baffling.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Time (Machine) Shifting


With Alley Oop these days the sloooow pacing and the dull storylines are just part of the problem. What really drives me crazy is the lack of consistency in perspective. Today’s strip is a perfect example. In the first frame we see the mysterious man peeking around the time machine at Oop and the lady in the red dress. The time machine, you will note, is on his left side and Oop and the lady are about to walk out a door on a side wall to their left.
In the second frame, we get the same scene from the perspective of the mystery man, but now the time machine is on his right side and Oop and the lady are walking out a door that is straight in front of them. Also, Oops ax is in his left hand in the first frame, but is missing (presumably in his right hand) in the second frame.
There is no explanation for this other than that the Benders are being careless, sloppy and lazy.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In case you missed it...

Alley Oop

Just in case you were dozing off during the past month's worth of Alley Oop strips, the authors haved decided to recap all the action for us this week.
This latest turn of events has earned the Benders the title of "THE laziest creators of any currently running comics strips" at The Daily Comics Review.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Oscar Boom returns

Alley Oop
I really don't know what to say about this. I thought they were unfair to Oscar when they turned him into a bad guy all of a sudden. Are they going to flip him again and let him return to being a good guy, or are they just setting him up for his next diabolical scheme?