Monday, April 06, 2009

Time (Machine) Shifting


With Alley Oop these days the sloooow pacing and the dull storylines are just part of the problem. What really drives me crazy is the lack of consistency in perspective. Today’s strip is a perfect example. In the first frame we see the mysterious man peeking around the time machine at Oop and the lady in the red dress. The time machine, you will note, is on his left side and Oop and the lady are about to walk out a door on a side wall to their left.
In the second frame, we get the same scene from the perspective of the mystery man, but now the time machine is on his right side and Oop and the lady are walking out a door that is straight in front of them. Also, Oops ax is in his left hand in the first frame, but is missing (presumably in his right hand) in the second frame.
There is no explanation for this other than that the Benders are being careless, sloppy and lazy.

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