Thursday, July 16, 2009

Consistently inconsistent


I have to hand it to the Benders. They are stubbornly consistent in their inconsistency. Throughout the entire kidnappying ordeal of Dr. Bronson, they couldn’t make up their mind how they wanted him to be tied up. Sometimes we would seem him sitting with the ropes going just around his chest and his arms tied behind the chair. Other times we would see the rope going all the way around both arms, pinning them to his side in a way that his hands could not be tied behind his back.
Now here in the last strip of the series we see both examples once again back to back. In the first frame, the rope is around Bronson’s chest, but not around his arms or the chair. How this binds him to the chair or restricts his movement in anyway is unclear. In the second frame, the ropes are clearly around his arms again.
I just don’t see how they can miss this. Are they doing it on purpose? Don’t they have any respect for their readers, much less for their own work?
It is just baffling.

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