Monday, February 28, 2005

Pencil pusher

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Here we go again. We've spent 10 days worth of strips introducing the new bad guy. So far the only thing we know is that his name is J'on and he wears one of those sterotypical accountant's visors and carries a pencil behind one ear. But I thought Moo was set back in the stone age, so what is this guy doing with a pencil?
And then there is the annoying fact that the cartoonists can't keep straight which ear he carries his pencil on. Check out today's strip (2-28-05). In the first frame the pencil is behind his left ear. In the second frame it is behind his right ear. And in the final frame the pencil has vanished.
You may also have noticed that the size of the guy's bounty from Lem has more than tripled in size since he found a cart to requisition. When he was carrying the stuff on his shoulders it looked like a sizable load, but now that he has placed it in the cart it looks like he would need a team of mules to pull it along.
Today we finally get to the point where J'on meets Alley Oop and he immediately stumps our dimwitted hero with one of those big fancy English words "sovereign." Since everyone in Moo apparently speaks English, why is Oop stumped by this particular word? I guess we are supposed to come away with the impression that J'on is an elitist snob who is going to try and swindle them with his fancy talk and big words.