Monday, April 28, 2008

And we’re off again...

Finally time for a new adventure and already the first panel has lots of problems. Look closely at the two panels side by side, both from the same perspective with Guz’ cave entrance in the upper right corner. In the first frame we have Oop in the center of the panel rushing up to talk to a guy holding a spear. Oola is on the left side of the frame facing towards us and addressing another woman.
In the second panel, the only person still in the correct position is the spear guy, although he has swapped the hand holding the spear and the strap that runs across his chest in panel one is now gone.
Meanwhile, Oop has run all the way to the front of the panel and turned his back to us, while Oola has completely flipped sides, turned her back and replaced one of the men who had been standing behind the spear guy.
“Anybody know what’s up here?” Oop asks.
“Not a clue!” spear guy says.
And apparently neither do the cartoonists. They don’t know what’s up, down, left, right or sideways.