Thursday, September 09, 2004

Time keeps on slipping...

alleyoop Sept. 9, 2004
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I just don't get this time business in the Alley Oop strip. How is it that these guys have a time machine and still seem to have no control over time whatsoever?
In this latest series, it begins several weeks ago with Doc Wonmug suggesting that Oop travel back in time to visit with some famous wrestlers in preparation for entering the 2004 Olympics. He does so and ends up visiting with three historical figures (one guy he sees twice). Each encounter couldn't have lasted more than 20 minutes before he was whisked away to the next destination. So today Oop is back from his travels and we find out that he has actually been gone for several weeks and the Olypics are now over back in the time with the time lab. (Note that Doc Wonmug has recorded the highlights of the games on a VCR tape. Talk about being behind the times!)
My goodness! Oop must be famished since he never ate anything. And he must be exhausted due to lack of sleep! And what has poor Oola been left to do all this time? Has she spent the whole month on a never-ending shopping spree with Ava and Dave Wowee? (Apparently so)
I was wondering how they were going to handle having Alley join the Olypics after the games were already over in our time, but this is just ridiculous. Even if travelling in time for 20 minutes equates to two months in present time, you would at least think that Doc Wonmug would know this and wouldn't have sent Oop in the first place. But you can never give these characters enough credit for being dimwitted.