Monday, March 19, 2007


Sometime back, I speculated that Doc Wonmug may be suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease because of his forgetfulness - like forgetting how to repair his own time machine.
Now I have to wonder if it is not the Alley Oop strip’s writers who are really suffering from the disease.
The other day we had Wizer back in our time asking Doc and Ava this question:

“I don’t get it... If his lab is more advanced, why don’t you just get him to update your time lab?”
To which Ava replies: “We can’t do that, Wizer! It violates the laws of time travel.”

Really!?! Imagine that! I think I recall saying something to that effect back when they DID GET WOWEE TO UPDATE THEIR TIME LAB!!!!

If the current day time machine is broken and Wonmug can't fix it, how does he ever pass on this knowledge to future generations of his clan to build other time machines? It is not logical!!!!

Did the Benders agree with that assessment and are now trying to forget that it ever happened? Or do they figure that the tiny handful of people who still read this strip will have forgotten by now?