Thursday, June 22, 2006

Terror plot revealed

So this is what we have sunk to. Turning major characters from the Alley Oop strip into terrorists. Isn't that just a tad bit in bad taste these days?
I'm predicting explosions and fireworks that will scare people at first and then turn out to be harmless fun. Moofest will then evolve into an annual Fourth of July-type celebration.
But in the meantime we are seeing some of the worst characteristics come out in the some of the long-established characters from Moo.
Umpa's jealousy is leading her to conspire against her own kingdom. Wizer's pride is turning him into a prehistoric Osama bin Laden.
"It won't kill anyone, will it?" Umpa asks hesitantly.
"Let's just say it will make it so no one will ever forget Moofest! Bwahahahahahahahaha!"
Is that answer supposed to reassure Umpa? Or us? Sheesh!