Friday, June 06, 2003

Thanks be to Alley Oop!

As I predicted, the priest has been declared a hero by the denizens of the Scottish castle after Dinny the dinaosaur is zapped away by the time machine. He has been carried back into the castle to be presented to the King (who bears a striking and most certainly not accidental resemblance to Sean Connery). Despite the fact that the King is the one who sent for the priest in the first place and sent him on the mission to vanquish the dinosaur, the Scotsmen still find it necessary to introduce the priest to the King (sigh). And for a good example of how poorly and illogically the Alley Oop strip is drawn these days check out the June 5 segment when the King reaches out with his left hand to shake the priest's hand and the priest in turn reaches out with his right hand. You can't shake hands that way, morons!!
Today, we have the King congratulating the priest on his accomplishment, but the priest stops him and says that he cannot take credit for what has happened. Now any good priest would be expected to say this and of course would insist that the credit for the good work be given to God. But not this priest. He is sure to give credit to Alley Oop and ask that he be released from the dungeon. The only question that remains is whether the idiots controlling the time machine will figure out how to zap Oop and Boom out of there before they go down to release them. Remember that for no logical reason we are operating in concurrent time frames here, so how long does it take them to reset the time machine now that it has been upgraded with all this fancy gadgetry from the future?