Friday, September 24, 2004

Forced perspective

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One thing the current authors of the Alley Oop strip do with great regularity is have the characters talk to one another with their backs turned to each other. Presumably, this is so they can always show their faces to the comic-viewing audience. But they also have a bad habit of not keeping the characters in their proper places as they constantly shift perspective.

In today's strip you can see Doc Wonmug and Dave Wowee having a conversation with their backs to one another (Wowee is in the foreground). Now notice that in the first frame if the Doc wanted to see Wowee he would look over his left shoulder while Ava is standing over his right shoulder. But in the final frame of the strip they are reversed. Wowee is now over the Doc's right shoulder and Ava is over his left shoulder. Why can't they keep it straight? Am I the only one that sees this??

Oh, and what's with the French joke? Are they trying to make a political statement? Pretty lame.