Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Burning biscuits

Foozy knows the good Oop, so that would seem to be a strike against the notion that Alley accidently wound up in Early Oop’s parallel universe. So does this mean that Early Oop is intruding in Alley’s universe, or are we just supposed to accept that Early is just another character in this universe, who just happens to look like Alley, and has the same last name as Alley, and knows all about Alley (and Oola), and apparently has it out for Alley, and.... yet we the faithful readers are completely in the dark as to who this new character is.
A long-lost brother? Does anyone know if Alley ever had a family? Parents, siblings, cousins?

Meanwhile, when would a caveman ever use the phrase “burn his biscuits”? Are the Benders still hung up on the last storyline? Because that sounds like something Will Rogers would have said, not Early Oop.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

So has Alley Oop stumbled into this alternative universe before? This Earlie Oop character's immediate recognition of our hero would seem to indicate so. If so, how did he get out of it last time? What will the alternate universe Oola be like?
Or could it be that Alley is actually in his proper universe and Earlie is the interloper trespassing in their dimension?
Such riveting question that I'm sure will be explained as this new story unfolds for the next five or six weeks. Hold on to your hats everyone!