Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My Lord, this is getting downright creepy! What the hell is wrong with these people? The look in Dee’s eyes is just sick as she practically drools over this recently dead neanderthal’s remains. Doesn’t she realize that what she is doing is in essence graverobbing?
She is not at some archeological site thousands of years in the future. She got in a frickin’ time machine and traveled thousands of years into the past, just shy of when the neanderthals were living, and is now digging up gravesites under no more than a few inches of top soil (considering that she uncovered it with a little hand trowel in less than a minute).
Ooola was right to react disgusted by what Dee is doing. This IS disgusting!
Maybe Dee will next fixate on Ooola’s pristine cavewoman skull. Imagine how much she could learn from that!
“Hey Dee! What are you doing with that axe in your hand? Whoa! Watch where you’re swinging that thing. You could take someone’s head off!”

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