Monday, April 19, 2010

More Wham! Bam! Pow! please

Finally, after weeks of Alley Oop and the Moovians behaving like sniveling cowards, they finally show some life in this April 15 comic. Maybe the Benders decided to take a clue from the new movie “Kick-Ass.” Here, for an all-too-brief moment, we have Alley Oop acting like the hero he is supposed to be and whaling away at the Lemmians. The Benders could run several weeks worth of this fight scene and improve the strip greatly. Oop should be able to take on five or six of these guys at a time. Instead, all we’ve seen him and the rest of the Moovians do is immediately surrender everytime they see more than two Lemmians together at one time. It’s pathetic!
But no. One brief glimpse is all we get and then we have to turn the focus back to Oola and some Lemmian deserter having a long, drawn-out, pointless conversation. Yawn.
If we are lucky, we may get one more brief glimpse of the fight before Oop blows his horn and Dinny/Oola ride to the rescue scaring away all the Lemmians who will act like they’ve never seen a dinosaur before. Sheesh!

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